My evening routine

Today one-word prompt is Carve, but I just finished my writing about undulate, so I kind of feel uninspiringly not up for this one. Besides, I can’t think of anything good for carve, so I’m gonna talk about my evening routine.

My sister was actually the one suggesting the idea, though she said, as a joke, that I should make a video on Youtube like a beauty vlogger. I still remembered that I was sitting in front of my laptop, writing when she came in my room, fresh out of shower and snuck in my blanket because of the cold air. I felt her eyes on me, and then she told me that I had an “evening routine”.

Well, I obviously cannot make a video, but I can write, so I’m gonna write about it. My evening routine is pretty simple, it is not about skincare tho , but more like the things I do to create a sleeping mood in my room.

After I get out of shower, I always put on my candle. My favorite winter candle is pumpkin spiced one, which will create a sweet, warm and dainty smell in my room. I usually leave it in the middle of the room, but it still takes awhile for the scent to spread to every corner, so while waiting, I would put on some lotion and handcream. It is winter in Hanoi, so my skin is really dry; these things will keep it from being scruffy and rough.

Then I put on some music. Music is the essential and must-have thing when I’m in my room. I hate silence; even when I’m by myself, I still try to create sounds and make noise to stir up the air inside. Maybe that’s why my friends sometimes complain that I talk too much. I know that I’m extremely talkative, but I can’t stand the absence of sound.

I hear different music depending on the time of the year. I like November and December, about a month or two before Christmas. I can turn on my Christmas playlist and nobody can tell me that that is annoying and it is not Christmas.  At the moment, I listen to the soundtracks from Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron’s new movie The Greatest Showman.

I also plug in my teeny tiny light string made up by many little light bulbs. It is set up on my table, and it gives my room the feelings of twinkle stars on the sky. The light from it is not too bright, not too dull, just warm enough to give me my motivation. When everything is done, I would sit down with my blue blanket on my lap, sipping slowly a cup of peach tea and writing or watching Friends (Friends is my favorite TV series of all time.

Simple as that, these are the things that make me love my room. It creates the perfect environment to work and enjoy life! x


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